Check these guys out. They are the exciting future of learning
— Dr Jane Bozarth @ AITD Conference 2013


Our Goal

We want learning to be fun, creative and addictive.

We want experts to share their knowledge and experience without having to rely on a translator to change it into an eLearning format.

We want learners to have the freedom of choice about how they prefer to learn.

We want education to be affordable and reward subject matter experts for sharing their knowledge.

We want as many people as possible to be part of our dream.

Our Vision

Our inventive spirit means we like to play in the space of coming up with fresh ideas to solve current learning needs.  

We Love Modlettes

If you have come here looking for the next generation of just in time learning please click 
here to be taken to our Modlettes website.

In a world where we need to learn faster than ever before. Where we barely master something before the next technology is available. Where speed and execution are the new currencies and geography and time zones are advantages rather than limitations. TLT has found a space where the combination of our team’s vastly different experiences, ages, backgrounds and nationalities have created a resourceful synergy.

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